Go ‘Smell The Roses’ With New Travelocity Brand Campaign

Travelocity’s newly-launched brand campaign is urging travelers to get off their couches and “go and smell the roses.” (Note: official hashtag: #gosmelltheroses).

Pushed though five new TV commercials, the spots will feature the now famous roaming gnome in a variety of situations, ranging from the running of the bulls to a ski gondola to a sandy beach, all with messages encouraging travelers to get up, go and experience.

We spoke with the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Brad Wilson, to get the inside scoop on the new campaign and what makes Travelocity different from the other leading OTAs in the marketplace.

Competition from sites like Hotwire, Priceline, Kayak and Orbitz is tough, Wilson admits, but he believes that this new campaign sets Travelocity apart in its multi-platform approach. In addition to multiple ads pushed through partnerships with nearly all major television channels and many online outlets, the campaign is being offered via mobile and social channels as well.Housed on YouTube, the campaign will be seen in its entirety across all of the brand’s social channels, but also on mobile devices – a key differentiator, Wilson said.

The famed Roaming Gnome is still a major part of the campaign as well, serving as both mascot and inspiration for travelers.

But that isn’t all that’s new at Travelocity. The brand is aiming to capture travelers through a number of interactive and engaging methods, including a new video series with Courtney Scott, a “Let’s Roam” app launching in April that will let travelers use social sharing technology to solicit information about upcoming trips, and a billboard-like advertising program in major airports that will direct travelers to special offers through unique mobile codes.

We’ll keep a close eye on how this new campaign develops and what – if any – changes this makes to the OTA landscape.