How To Be A Super Hero On Spring Break

A new basketball trick-shot video shows what might happen if Aquaman went on Spring Break. The clip comes from a group of guys from Alabama who call their YouTube channel the Legendary Shots, and they have racked up 21 million hits by sinking outrageous bombs from roller coasters and hot-air balloons. This time, the hot-handed kids took their talents to Destin, Florida, and nailed one while hovering around 15 feet in the air.

The group, which was once tapped by Hampton Inn for an ad campaign (tagline: “Want an easier way to score points?”), spent only one day practicing on a new contraption called a Flyboard before nailing the overwater bucket. Released last summer, Flyboard is like a jet pack attached to a wakeboard, letting riders soar up to 45 feet in the air – as long as they can keep their balance and their nerve.

If this dude can sink a highlight-reel shot from two stories in the air after one day of practice, it bodes well for the average Spring Breaker who wants to try Flyboard but not wind up on a blooper reel.

In Destin, a 20-minute lesson and session costs $100 at Power Up Watersports, the area’s only Flyboard dealer and a partner in crime in the video. Customers don’t get to shoot hoops in the air, but there’s a silver lining – two, actually. The fun happens in the emerald-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico, not in the ugly, brackish root-beer stuff seen in the Legendary Shots video (it was filmed next to one of Destin’s bridges, not where vacationers dip their toes). And riders can use arm attachments that are AWOL in the clip – attachments that basically turn them into Iron Man.

Which shot is more impressive – this one or the free-fall bucket from the roller coaster?

[Video credit: The Legendary Shots]