Expedia Adds Itinerary Feature To Mobile App

Expedia has today announced the redesign of their mobile application to allow for user-friendly visual itinerary capabilities.

Using location awareness and time zone updates, the app displays the most relevant part of the itinerary and related information like airport maps, flight status, confirmation codes and addresses at the appropriate times.

“Unlike other itinerary applications, we’ve built what travelers really want. We are giving them live access to the most up to-date travel data and wrapped it in a beautiful experience. This is our biggest mobile launch ever,” said John Kim, Senior Vice President, Global Products, Expedia in a release.

This new itinerary feature, in addition to simple technology like flight and hotel booking and mobile only deals make this app one of the most useful we’ve seen for on-the-go travelers. The app also shows airport terminal maps for more than 200 airports – an extremely useful feature we’ve often seen only “for pay” on other applications.

Itineraries are also available for cruises and destination services.

The itineraries encompass 30 countries and 16 languages for both Android and iOS.

[Image Credit: Expedia via HL Group]