13 Travel Tweeters That Drive Us Crazy

With more than 50 million active users logging in every day, it comes as no surprise that Twitter has its fair share of obnoxious tweeters. The travel industry is far from exempt from annoying irritating users, so (just for laughs!) the Gadling team put our heads together and profiled 14 of the most eye roll-inducing tweeting types in our feeds. That’s not to say our bloggers haven’t been guilty of these moves in the past, but if you find yourself being frequently unfollowed on Twitter, it might be because you fall into one of these categories.

1. The Complainer

The security line was SO long, I almost missed my flight to #Amsterdam!
Why It’s Bad: Shut your face. You’re going to Amsterdam. It’s an airport, so expect lines. No one wants to follow your dramatic saga.
2. The No-Context Vacationer
Coffee in this town is just so damn amazing. #loveithere
Why It’s Bad: WHERE. Where are you? Unless you expect all your followers to keep track of exactly where you are at all times, this is just plain unhelpful.

3. The Junket Junkee

Middle-earth is surprisingly nice this time of year. #visitgondor
Oh my goodness, I think I just saw a great eagle! #visitgondor
Have to poop. #visitgondor
Why It’s Bad: Overaggressive press-trip promotion is not only damaging to your own reputation, but being too eager to heap glowing praise doesn’t exactly shine positively on your host, either. Be transparent about your connections or risk looking like a stooge.

4. The Humblebrager

Time to do some shopping… I haven’t got a thing to wear for my skiing trip to Vail!
Why It’s Bad: Did you see what this Twitter user did there? By complaining about not having any clothes, they also got to sneak in a mention about their upcoming trip. Oh, poor them!

5. The Hashtagger

#OMG. Check out my #awesome blog on #traditional #food in #Antigua, #Guatemala. #lp #matador #travel
Why It’s Bad: Spewing a string of hashtags makes your message hard to comprehend, and adding a tail of even more to every post causes most people to tune out. Instead of getting more attention, you’re just causing people to skip over your tweets. #Stop #it #already.

6. The Compulsive Retweeter

No example needed.
Why It’s Bad: An unnamed speaker at TBEX last year once described retweets as “the world’s biggest circle jerk.” Although that’s a pretty crass way to put it, it’s absolutely correct. Support things you really like, but don’t waste a disproportionate amount of time trying to get your handle in other traveler’s activity feeds. If your entire stream is an @reply or a retweet, it’s time to start making the conversation.

7. Chatty Kathy

Red Flags: #CruiseChat, #FNI, #FriFotos, #NUTS, #TL_Chat, #TourismChat, #RTW, #wwkds, etc.
Why It’s Bad: Networking is great, but attending every travel chat known to man is just clogging everyone’s feed. Especially when you share both questions and answers (plus a barrage of replies to other chatters). Let the moderators moderate, and join in when you have something valuable to share.

8. The Disguised Publicist

@Traveler Be sure to stop by the amazing swim-up bar at @HotelAwesome on your trip to the #Cancun! The margaritas are fabulous!
Why It’s Bad: Increasingly, publicists have been disguising themselves as travel writers and giving out “help” to those on the road. Writers and bloggers should be wary of this kind of advice, and publicists should be transparent with their connections to clients.

9. The Crowdsourcer

Just got home 2 days ago & I already have a serious case of #wanderlust. Where should I go next?
Why It’s Bad: Listen, maybe it’s time you bought a guidebook. At the very least, get a little more specific with your asks, cause your tweets are completely unhelpful.

10. The Helicopter Mom

Johnny has been loving our trip to Disney World! Here he is with Mickey: http://instagram.com/p/AbCdeFgHiJk/
Why It’s Bad: Unless you’re a family travel writer, posting tons of pictures of your children on Twitter is kind of creepy. We want to follow you, not your toddler.

11. The Forever Instagrammer

No example needed.
Why It’s Bad: Not everything needs to be documented in a photo, and putting a filter on your photos doesn’t necessarily make them good. Especially when you post obviously staged photos of your feet in the sand.

12. The Twitterizer

Good morning Twitterverse! Any tweeple want to tweet up and chat about my twip to Twitzerland?
Why It’s Bad: Please, don’t make me explain how absolutely annoying this is.

13. The #FF

#FF #travel love goes to @UserA @UserB @UserC @UserD @UserE @UserF @UserG @UserH @UserI @UserJ @UserK & @UserL!!
Why It’s Bad: Supporting people you enjoy following is great, but belching a list of users in hopes they’ll all share the tweet is disingenuous. And then when that gets turned into a chain letter of praise, let the unfollows begin. If you don’t believe us, read this Oatmeal comic.

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[Photo credit: Flickr user joelaz]