Frankfurt Airport Wins ‘Most Improved’ Award

“Most Improved” isn’t always the most brag-worthy recognition, but in the case of Frankfurt Airport (FRA), the prize comes not long after we wrote about how the airport was at the bottom of the “World’s Worst” list.

The accolade was bestowed upon Germany’s biggest hub by Skytrax, an aviation market research institute. The tipping point for the honor is the airport’s recently introduced “Great to have you here!” service program, which brought electric-powered express vehicles, newly designed relaxing zones, playgrounds for children and a smartphone app in several languages, plus “fast lines” that help travelers with short connection times.

It’s nice to see all that’s developed at FRA. Let’s just hope their improvement plan called for a efficient ways to deal with drunk Ukranians and Russians.

[Photo credit: Flickr user wiwin.wr]