German Police Warn Travelers Of Exploding Train Ticket Machines

Rail travelers in Germany should exercise caution when using automatic ticket machines because criminals attempting to break into the machines may have left them filled with explosive gas, the Associated Press reports.

According to the news outlet, criminals have successfully blown up 10 of Deutsche Bahn’s automatic ticket machines since April. To break into the machines, the thieves cover all openings with tape, fill the machines with gas and then ignite it. Although the goal is to tap the machines of money and blank tickets, there have been at least six cases where attempts have failed, leaving the explosive gas inside.

Hesse state police spokesman Udo Buehler told AP there is potential that the gas could ignite when an unsuspecting customer uses the machine, but so far no such incidents have been reported. Travelers should be cautious when getting train tickets in Germany and elsewhere, as copycat criminals could pop up anywhere.