Video Of The Day: ‘House Of The Sun’ From Maui

Los Angeles-based photographer Dan Douglas sent us this gorgeous video he shot while visiting Haleakalā Volcano in Hawaii. According to Douglas, he set out to document what many people call “the most beautiful sunrise in the world.” Using four different cameras, he captured 5,000 images and stitched them together.

Incase you’re curious about Haleakalā, the volcano forms more than 75 percent of the island Māui, and is so large all of Manhattan could fit inside it, and in Hawaiian, the name means “house of the sun.” If anyone has seen a sunrise they consider to be more beautiful, I’d love to hear where it was. And if you want to make the journey to take this pre-dawn pilgrimage yourself, our resident Hawaiian Kyle Ellison has some tips on hidden gems on the islands.