Wave Of Protests Over World Cup In Brazil (PHOTOS)

A wave of protests is cascading through cities in Brazil, including in Brasilia, where demonstrators stormed the country’s National Congress building, Reuters is reporting. The protests, which are the largest seen in Brazil for more than 20 years, come just in time for the Confederation’s Cup, a dress rehearsal of sorts for next year’s 2014 World Cup. The event has become a symbol of corruption and overspending in the country, and activists believe the money would be better spent on efforts to help Brazilians.

“We do not need stadiums, we need education,” said Brazilian Carla Dauden in a video that spells out why Brazilians are outraged over the upcoming games. “We do not need Brazil to look better for the world, we need our people to have food and health. We do not need more parties, we need people with jobs and a sustainable way of living.”

The protests have so far been overwhelmingly peaceful, meaning nobody should cancel their travel plans to Brazil just yet. Hopefully things will be smoothed over soon; the government hopes the World Cup, along with the 2016 Summer Olympics, will bring an influx of tourists and showcase Brazil as an emerging global power player.

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