China Opens ‘World’s Largest Building’

A mammoth new business and entertainment space opened in Chengdu, China, this past weekend, snagging the “largest building in the world” title. Inside the New Century Global Center you’ll find everything from hotels and offices to a replica Mediterranean village, a pirate ship and a palm tree-strewn water park.

Check out photos of the new center here.

The building is huge (18.94 million square feet, to be precise), but it’s not alone in the world of gargantuan structures. Before Chengdu stole the spotlight, Terminal 3 at the Dubai International Airport held the world title for most floor space. The U.S. doesn’t appear on this list’s top 10, but Las Vegas makes a showing at #11, with the 6.9 million square foot Palazzo hotel and casino in Las Vegas. (It’s tied with the Grand Indonesia in Jakarta.)

The U.S. does have some size world records of its own, including:

…and a lot of other random giant things.