Hi: A Narrative Mapping Site

Hi is a new website that allows users to map their journeys through personal narrative and original photography. The platform relies upon moments and their respective places. The goal of Hi is to map the world and if the execution of the idea proves to be as good as the idea itself, I have no doubt that they’ll do just that. This could be a landmark development for travel, the ability to journal location-based experiences in a map other users can navigate. I could have posted a photo and commentary on the many stray dogs on the beach on the island of Sal, Cape Verde. Or I could have captured the moment I walked outside the morning after Hurricane Sandy and saw rows of trees from Green-Wood Cemetery knocked down into the street. Needless to say, this service will not only be important for travelers, but it could be important for everyone in receiving around-the-clock news and much more. Prospective users are now able to enter their email address for eventual registration.

[Thanks, Laughing Squid]