American Tourist Killed By Thai Karaoke Band

An American tourist in the Krabi province of Thailand was stabbed to death outside a bar after an altercation with a local karaoke band. Bobby Ray Carter Jr. and his son were allegedly intoxicated while a live band performed requests for tips, and Carter was unwilling to give up the stage for other karaoke singers. “Witnesses said Carter got angry when the band played ‘Hotel California’ instead of the song he requested, and he refused to step down,” said local police chief Col. Taksin Pochakorn. Carter demanded his tip back and wouldn’t stop singing even when the band was on break. The argument continued outside between the three Thai band members, Carter, and his son, ending in multiple injuries including Carter’s death from an iron rod.

The U.S. State Department notes that violent crime against foreigners in Thailand are relatively rare, but happen most often at night to victims who have been drinking.