Would You Get A ‘Wanderlust’ Tattoo?

“Sometimes the best souvenirs are the ones you keep with you always,” writes BuzzFeed on a recent roundup of travel tattoos. Some of the tattoos pictured are simplistic, like a tiny outline of a paper airplane, while others are more elaborate, like a colorful, traditional-style compass.

While some of the tattoos seem to have a lot of thought behind them (as tattoos should), others are downright generic: someone with the word “traveler” on the back of their neck and lots of map outlines. There’s even one person with a world map who is filling in colors for countries they’ve visited. It’s kind of like having something to brag about permanently etched into your back (actually, he or she better get to Russia soon, cause the tattoo is looking a little sparse!).

Does anyone out there have a travel tattoo with a story behind it, or are you considering getting one? Maybe you and your friends got matching tattoos after a cross-country road trip, or you got permanently inked after a life-changing experience in India? Let’s hear about it in the comments below.