Yes, These Are Real Travel Jobs

Sometimes it feels as though there is a whole world of jobs that no one tells you about when you’re growing up. You may have heard of jobs like dentist, shopkeeper or electrician, but what about positions like tequila butler, sunglass doctor or fish valet? Made up fantasy jobs? Nope. There are plenty of people out there working in travel jobs the rest of us can hardly believe they get paid to do.

NBC News rounded up a number of unusual things that people do for a living. Topping the list is a dog surfing instructor, a person — who as the title implies — teaches pooches how to perch on a board and ride the waves. Meanwhile a hotel in Memphis has employed a duckmaster, whose role it is to feed and train a flock of ducks that reside on the premises. Twice a day, the ducks strut their stuff during a duck march across the hotel grounds.Other surprising jobs included a guacamologist at a Dallas hotel whose primary purpose is to tickle the taste buds of guacamole enthusiasts, and a proposal coach who helps the romantically challenged pop the big question with style.

But these aren’t the only bizarre travel-related jobs out there. Here are a few more creative ways to earn a living that we rounded up.

Hotel Jester. A hotel in Vienna, Austria recently advertised for a modern-day court jester. The creative, musical employee’s job is to entertain guests.

Human Bed Warmer. Getting into a cold bed is not everyone’s cup of tea, which is why the Holiday Inn London Kensington has staff on hand to jump into your bed for five minutes to get it all toasty for you.

Bedtime Story Teller. The Andaz Hotel in London makes falling asleep child’s play with their story telling service. Their “reader in residence” soothes guests to sleep by reading to them or discussing literature.

Coconut Safety Engineer. The island of St. Thomas is full of coconut trees that could prove hazardous to shade-seeking travelers, so the Ritz Carlton hotel employs a specialist to shimmy up trees and retrieve dangerous coconuts.

What other surprising travel jobs have you come across?