Food Trucks Head To … The Airport?

If you’ve picked anyone up from the airport in recent years, you may have waited for them in a “cell phone parking lot” located near the terminal. The lots help reduce congestion around terminal exits, as drivers only pull up to meet their passenger once they are outside. But now, the waiting lots might take on a congestion of their own.

USA Today reports that airports nationwide are inviting local food trucks to set up in these lots to appease the appetites of hungry folks waiting for passengers to touch down.

The trucks are said to “help reflect the flavor of the community,” according to Deborah McElroy, interim president of Airports Council International-North America. They have been met with enthusiasm from airport employees and waiting locals alike. San Francisco International Airport witnessed a Hawaiian food truck sell out in just 2 and a half hours, after going through 60 pounds of Kalua pork and 40 pounds of chicken.

As a local-food supporter (is enthusiast too strong of a word?), the idea of food trucks at the airport makes me anticipate my next trip even more. Unfortunately, for now, most of these trucks are not easily accessible by airline passengers due to their location.