Groupon Will Now Make Last Minute and Spontaneous Europe Trips Super Cheap

Pepe Pont, Flickr

You know the adrenaline rush that comes from snagging a last-minute travel deal.

The internal dialogue goes a little something like this:

“A 3-day weekend in [insert awesome place] for only [insert low price]? Leave tomorrow? I would have to cut out of work early to get to the airport in time? I’m in!”

And while Palm Springs, Vegas and Miami are fun and all, thanks to a recent acquisition by Groupon you might just be adding last-minute European adventures to your travel list. The daily deals company, which expanded to Europe in 2010, just acquired last-minute hotel booking app Blink, which offers deals at more than 2,000 hotels in Europe.

While Groupon isn’t new to the European market, it hasn’t necessarily done well, but adding European travel to Groupon Getaways might be the boost the company needs. The app will be rebranded as “Blink by Groupon,” adding same-day booking to the array of travel deals that Groupon already offers.

While booking a hotel in Europe for the same day when you’re currently in New York might make getting to your night’s stay a little difficult, it could be a great opportunity for travelers in Europe looking to live a little more spontaneously and see where they end up instead of planning far in advance. A night in Paris anyone?