Business Executive Expenses More Than $1,000 In Travel Costs — For A Cat

Stories of executives abusing travel expense accounts is nothing new, but a British boss has certainly got many people scratching their heads after expensing an outrageously expensive taxi ride for a cat.

The executive, who works at a taxpayer funded nuclear power plant in the UK, billed £714 ($1,128) for a taxi journey for the animal, which enjoyed a luxurious ride in a chauffeur-driven vehicle.

The crazy expense claim is just one of many made by executives at the nuclear plant, according to an audit. Other inappropriate claims include $4,419 spent on flights to the U.S. Masters golf tournament and a gourmet dinner in France that cost $130 per head.While news of the cat cab ride has sparked outrage in the UK, it’s certainly not the most costly business deduction ever filed. According to CNN, one executive expensed $6000 on a new wardrobe after leaving his luggage in a one-night stand’s hotel room, while in another case, a group of Fortune 100 executives racked up a $150,000 claim by turning what was supposed to be a research trip into a company-funded vacation.