Three Tips To Make Your Vacation Dream A Reality

With so many amazing places to visit in the world, it’s impossible to see everything. That’s why some Americans have a travel bucket list. According to a recent Capital One survey, Hawaii (57 percent) is the top destination for most Americans on their travel bucket list followed by The Grand Canyon (38 percent) and New York City (33 percent).

Interestingly, more than half of Americans don’t really have a travel bucket list. Don’t you just wish you had a little more time in your summer and a little more money in your wallet to make your travel aspirations a reality?

Unfortunately, our busy schedules and tight wallets have put the kibosh on many exciting travel plans. The good news is that with some smart planning, you don’t have to forego your next vacation – not to mention winter and spring break fun.

With Capital One Venture and its doubles miles, you can go just about anywhere and make your travel dreams come true. Here are a few tips to help you plan for your next memorable vacation:

  • Decide sooner rather than later: Money experts have said for years that if you don’t identify concrete goals, it’s much more difficult to set aside the cash necessary to obtain those goals. The same is true for travel planning. For money saving motivation, create a list of the must-see places you’d like to visit. (Hint: If you need some amazing travel ideas check out the Venture Travel #BucketList on Tumblr.)
  • Know before you go: Make sure your travel budget includes trip insurance, and the cost of any visas or other documentation you’ll need. And, if your credit card charges fees for overseas use, re-evaluate your options.
  • Plan your next vacation every day: Use your rewards card to pay for every day expenses such as gas, groceries, etc. What may seem like a run-of-the-mill purchase could help you rack up enough rewards to offset costs and make your next dream vacation a reality!

Interestingly, according to the recent Capital One Rewards Barometer – a survey that shows how consumers accumulate and redeem credit card rewards – 42 percent of rewards cardholders redeem their rewards to cover the cost of airfare.

Whether you’re using credit card rewards toward airfare, or saving cash to buy a pearl necklace in Hawaii, your vacation will be that much more satisfying when you have more in your wallet.

So what are you waiting for? Be smart with your vacation planning and before you know it you will be busy turning your travel aspirations into reality. Share your travel dreams using #BucketList with Capital One and join the conversation.