The old Gadling look has faded away.

This is not a relaunch

We’ve made a few updates around here, but this is not the “new” Gadling. At least not yet.

The changes you see are all about moving Gadling from AOL to its new home at Skift. There are some links to stories, which we think matter to Gadling readers because you’ve always had an interest in travel news, both on this site and elsewhere. But we know that’s not the real reason you come to Gadling.

You’ve come here for many years because you want to read about how people experience travel. That will return soon.

But right now we’re getting rid of the mountain of spam comments, the strange network ads, and the look that had seen few updates over the last five years. It’s designed to be simple, clear, and focused on the content.

We’ve kept the same tags and categories as before. And we’ve kept the same footer linking to other sites that we like. In this case a rotating cast of independent travel sites that have compelling content to offer.

So please stick with us through this transition, and know that a new-ish Gadling is on its way.