Travel Like A Boss: Le Parker Meridien’s Burger Joint – Secret New York Food Spots Part I

While it’s really not the best kept secret in all of midtown Manhattan, The Burger Joint, tucked inside of the Parker Meridien is certainly a gastronomic underdog.

About 10 years ago, this local favorite was essentially created from scratch, carved from a tiny nook toward the back of the reception area and modeled after a greasy spoon you would find somewhere in the Midwest. Replete with wood-paneled decor, cheesy movie posters and impromptu scrawling on the walls, the Joint is so popular with the neighborhood that the lunch line forms before they open at 11 a.m. and doesn’t die down until way into the afternoon – only to pick up again just before dinner. The menu, aimed at the heart of the minimalist, consists of burgers, fries, beer, soda and shakes – nothing else. Under advisement from the super friendly staff, we ordered the works on a medium burger with fries.

With so many burgers in the ring for best burger in NYC, we were unsure how the Joint’s take on the revered beef patty would compete, but take our word for it; this is definitely up there with the best. It’s just the right amount of succulence you want in a burger. With the bun toasted just right, and the mustard ketchup combo, you have to wonder what the other guys are doing wrong. Well, we may know that secret. The Burger Joint employs a full-time butcher, working around the clock processing only the best beef money can buy – no additives, no spices, just great beef. The answer may lie in the freshness.

Travel Like A Boss: The Skinniest Building In New York City

From the highest density of people, to the most fashionable in food and fashion, New York City has all of the hyperbolic charm you can shake a guidebook at. One standout, though, is the city’s skinniest apartment building. This is literally the narrowest place you can live in all of the five boroughs.

Built in 1873, 75 ½ Bedford Street, is tucked in between two other apartment buildings and measures just 9.5 feet wide. This slender piece of work, which, as of today can be yours for $3.95 million, is located in one of New York’s most beautiful neighborhoods, the West Village. The asking price is actually a reduction from its price in the spring, when it was listed for over $4 million, but up from the $2 million for which it was sold in the ’90s. Where’s that extra couple of million coming from, you may ask?

Well, the three-bedroom, two full-bath apartment has been through a near-total $1 million gut-renovation, with a brand new kitchen, four working fireplaces, and a brand new garden retreat in the backyard. And if you’re in the arts and sciences and need a little boost to your own resume, the building claims poet Edna St. Vincent Millay and anthropologist Margaret Mead as previous owners.