Travel Like A Boss: Onboard A US Air Force KC-10 Extender

During Air Force Week earlier this year, the team at Gadling Labs was invited out to witness a demonstration of the KC-10 Extender refueling four F-15 aircraft over the open sky just off the coast of Cape Cod.

We took a morning Air Train to meet the departing crew out of New York’s JFK Airport. Manned by a crew of nearly a dozen, the Extender’s mission is to refuel aircraft in flight, but their hospitality and attitudes on this day were just as awe inspiring. It was a great trip, and we’re thankful to the folks in the Air Force who invited us along on their journey.

A Worm Hunt In An Australian Mangrove

Just off the coast of the Northern Territory state in Australia are Bathurst and Melville Islands, home to the indigenous Tiwi people. With a climate closer to Southeast Asia, the Tiwi have traditionally lived off the land, hunting for a variety of animals including snakes, pig, crocodile and birds. I was curious about the smaller catches, the snacks they may stop for along the way, so I decided to go for a mangrove worm hunt with a few members of the tribe.

Embedded Into Finnair’s Flight Safety School

Safety is top priority for airlines around the world, and each crew member goes through weeks of recurrent training to prepare for emergencies. They do it in an a flight training center, where situations such as fires, bail outs and all sorts of other crises can be simulated and practiced.

At Finnair, this place is called the Flight Academy, a sprawling complex on the outskirts of Helsinki airport. Gadling Labs stopped by to get a taste of the action, and left amazed and humbled by the great work underway. Take a look.

A Tour Through The World’s Longest Bar In Düsseldorf, Germany

Taking advantage of a long layover in Düsseldorf, Germany last month, we took a team into the city to check out the reported longest bar in the world.

Bad news? It’s not an actual bar but actually a series of bars linking across several miles of real estate in downtown Düsseldorf.

Good news? It involves copious amounts of drinking and bar-related activities, including but not limited to: stag and hen parties, greasy food, massive steins of beer, shots and no shortage of laughing and shouting. Take a look at our trip above.

A Tour Through The Best Airline Lounge In The World

Nordic countries are often well regarded as the design hotspots in Europe, and their airports are no exception. Helsinki is a prime example. In addition to its well laid out and spacious construction, the airport is also home to the top voted airline lounge in the world. Its operator? Finnair.

Passing through the airport on the way back from a week in Helsinki last month, Gadling Labs stopped by the Finnair lounge to check out what all the buzz is about. Take a look at what we found above, and do yourself a favor: find some lingonberry soap. It’ll change your life.