BoltBus adds Boston to schedule

Remember last week when I told you about the awesome $1 fare for bus service between NYC and DC aboard BoltBus? Well, the good news just got even better — they’ve added Boston as another one of their cheap-o destinations, starting in April. You won’t find seats for $1, but once they go on sale, they’ll cost you around $7 for a one-way trip. But, like I mentioned before, be sure to book far in advance and expect to see a booking fee on top of that.

Tickets aren’t on sale yet, but once they are available, book quickly as their sure to go fast at that price. As an added incentive, Bolt Buses offer free WiFi and power outlets on their coaches.

(via Cheapskate Travel)

DC to NYC for $1

Good news for those of you frequent travelers in the NYC and DC areas — Starting today, BoltBus will be offering $1 fares on Eight daily non-stop routes between the two cities. And while travelling on the bus usually isn’t too appealling, get this — they offer free WiFi and power outlets, so that trip won’t seem like any time at all.

Of course, there are some conditions. To take advantage of super-cheap bus fares, book as far in advance as possible; walk-up customers will have to pay the full fare. And that $1 is supplemented by a booking fee, of course.

According to their press release: “Customers can board the street-side service in Washington, D.C., near the Metro Center Station at 11th Street and G Street. BoltBus will operate in New York near Penn Station at 33rd Street and Seventh Avenue and in south Manhattan at 6th Avenue and Canal Street.”


Why take the bus when you can fly in style? (And with a queen size bed!)