Save on water – Hotel tip

Looking for a way to reduce your travel bill but still remain hydrated? You don’t have to buy the water bottles in the room for five to ten bucks apiece, or resort to the hotel’s bathroom tap.

Go check out the fitness center in your hotel first! Most fitness centers will have a water dispenser — use that to fill up your reusable bottle, and you’ll not only be assured that you are getting it from a reliable and uncontaminated source, you could save quite a load on your bill.

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Grapefruit seed extract may keep your stomach strong – Packing tip

Nothing can ruin your vacation faster than going dally-belly by eating something not cooked properly — or from bad water. The medicines doctors prescribe are sometimes too harsh for your body to take, leaving you exhausted. However, some people believe grapefruit seed extract drops are a powerhouse of natural killers to bacteria and parasites.

Use 5-10 drops of GSE to clean you toothbrush, thirty drops in a sink full of water to wash your fruits, veggies and meats, and 15-30 drops in the sink to wash your dishes and utensils. Also consider putting 3-6 drops in every five-ounce-serving of juice or water three times a day to keep your stomach and intestines clean.

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Travel with clothespins – Packing tip

When traveling anywhere, a few clothespins with springs are a “must have!”

Clothespins will secure your damp towels or clothing to the back of a balcony chair, without offending the hotel management who ban draping towels, bathing suits and articles of clothing from balcony rails. They can be used in the bathroom, as well, to secure articles while drying.

Clothespins can be used to clip a curtain off to the side of a window with an otherwise great view, as well as to keep tight partially eaten snacks.

Expert clothespinners can also sleep in longer.

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Bring an A/V cable for your laptop – Hotel tip

Many hotels offer high-speed wireless from the room, and the more upscale rooms will provide a decent-sized HDTV, as well. By bringing an audio/visual cord compatible with your laptop, you can plug right into most TVs, giving you instant access to all your online content on that beautiful in-room screen.

In addition to making use of a Netflix instant viewing account or Hulu, you’ll be able to bypass overpriced in-room movies (costing $12 or more) in lieu of a $4 new release at the Amazon On Demand Store!

Pro tip: Overcome bandwidth issues by downloading your flick before you arrive.

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Arrive a day early – Cruise tip

It only takes a single episode of almost not making it to the port on time — or missing the ship altogether! — to make getting in town the day before… very much worth it.

Flight delays are more common these days with unpredictable weather and tighter security. One missed connection could be catastrophic if you’re flying the same day as cruising. Running through airports creates the kind of stress you do not want on the first day of your vacation!

Pro tip: choose a hotel that offers transfers from the airport and to the pier.

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