Pack drinkable ice packs – Road trip tip

When my husband and I take our annual road trip from Denver to California with our two kids, we always pack frozen juice packs in our cooler for the 17-hour drive.

They’re perfect for keeping refrigerated snack foods cold during the journey, and along the way they melt just enough to drink or enjoy as a slushy.

The best part is: there’s no drippy ice to dump upon arrival — and no ice packs to lug home.

Order baby supplies online and ship them to your destination – Traveling with kids tip

We’ve been traveling a lot lately, and a baby usually means less room in the car/trunk.

Rather than lug boxes of baby necessities around, consider ordering supplies online — diapers, food, etc. — and shipping them to your destination. You’ll have more room in your car; there’ll be less to pack and unpack; and your neck won’t be so sore from hauling boxes in and out of the house.