See how the presidents live away from home

There’s more to the presidency than the White House. From Camp David to presidential libraries across the country, there are plenty of portals into the lives of those who have held the most powerful office in the world. In fact, the real insights may come not from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue but from these other homes. A recent article on CNN offers five prime locations.

Lincoln’s Birthplace: Run by the National Park Service, you can soak in the spirit of our 16th president through exhibits and walking tours. You can even explore a replica of Lincoln’s birth cabin.

Reagan Library: Start at the 40th president’s final resting place, in Simi Valley, CA. In addition to holding President Reagan’s official documents, you can peek into his history, including his college letter sweater and memorabilia from his earlier career in Hollywood.

Mount Vernon: Our first president, George Washington, spent most of his adult life on this estate, which has been open to the public since 1860. Since then, nearly 80 million visitors have passed through. Go on Presidents’ Day, and admission is free.

Hermitage: Stroll through President Andrew Jackson‘s mansion, enjoy the gardens and even enjoy the original log cabin where he lived for a bit with his family. See a piece of “Old Hickory” that rarely makes it into the public eye.

Check out a video of Lincoln’s Birthplace following an ice storm after the jump.

[Via CNN]

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a popular address

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is one of the most iconic addresses in the world. Because, obviously, it is where you can find the Dollar General in West Mifflin, PA. Say what? Blogger David Friedman has a great post up on his Ironic Sans blog that shows Google Maps street views of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from all around the United States.

Sure, you can find the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC but that’s boring. Why not give some love to the lesser known 1600 Pennsylvania Avenues out there? There are lots of amazing things to see as you venture out into the world, but sometimes little quirks like this are what make traveling so fun.

So as you travel this great country of ours, try to find things that are a less mainstream. Maybe even a little silly. Oh, I don’t know. Why not to rock down to Electric Avenue (in Buffalo, NY)? I’m just saying…