PUBLIC Hotel in Chicago plans $1 sale

Ian Schrager may already be the hotel world’s darling, but he’s going to capture even more fans when his hotel, PUBLIC Chicago, launches their $1 sale soon. We’ve seen a few of these before for special promotions, and they’re usually hellishly hard to score. That won’t stop us from trying, however.

Here’s how to snag a deal on this one:

  • For a 90-day period commencing on a secret date soon to be announced, PUBLIC will offer three special guest rooms per night, each with a rate of only $1.
  • Participants must sign up to receive a priority email detailing when the sale goes live
  • Once the sale goes live, participants will have 48 hours to book a room at the $1.00 rate – first come, first served.

PUBLIC’s One Dollar Sale will be announced through social media, email, PUBLIC Chicago’s website, and the hotel’s partners.

“PUBLIC is a brand that stands for outstanding value – not to mention sophisticated, authentic style and spot-on service. We thought this would be a really fun thing to offer our guests to expose them to how special the hotel is,” said Schrager.

Of course, we’ll let you know when we see the deal live – be sure to let us know if you scored a room!