H2O Audio iPod Nano case turns your player into an underwater video camera

As the first iPod with a camera, the new Apple iPod Nano is surprisingly fun to play with. But until now, it wasn’t the kind of gadget you’d take to the beach, as iPods and water don’t tend to mix. H2O Audio can change that, thanks to their new “Capture” case.

This $79.99 case turns your iPod Nano (5th generation) into a full underwater sports camera. Plus, its waterproof headphone jack lets you listen to music without the risk of damaging your iPod. Best of all, all controls on the iPod can be fully accessed.

The integrated polycarbonate lens lets you take the case down to 12 feet of water. The package includes a sports armband and beltclip. The case is available for purchase right now, directly from the site of the manufacturer.

(Via: Gizmodo)