South African Tourism Launches ‘What’s Your Big 5’ Initiative On Tonight’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

South African Tourism is about to launch their next big promotional initiative here in the U.S. and they’ve enlisted Donald Trump himself to help get it started. The new “What’s Your Big 5?” campaign kicks off during tonight’s episode of “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” when the seven remaining contestants compete with one another while also bringing the rich travel experience of South Africa home to viewers.

The “What’s Your Big 5?” campaign is designed to give travelers a glimpse of what South Africa has to offer other than its iconic safari experiences. The country features many diverse options that include visiting the incredibly cosmopolitan cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, exploring beautiful wine country and enjoying fine food, art and culture. The active traveler can also surf the cape, hike the Wild Coast and visit some of the best game preserves on the planet. Those looking for a more pampered travel experience will find world-class spas, luxurious hotels and excellent dining options.

Fans of “Celebrity Apprentice” will catch a glimpse of all of this during tonight’s show and then have an option to book their own South African getaway. But they’ll also get the opportunity to win a trip for two to New York City to catch the season finale of the show and mingle with the Donald and the rest of the All-Star cast in a swanky after party on May 19. For more details on how to get entered into this sweepstakes check out the Visit South Africa Facebook page after the show tonight or follow them on Twitter @SouthAfrica.

I’m a huge fan of South Africa as a destination for any kind of traveler. The country is so diverse and easy to enjoy with plenty of unique experiences for anyone. The wildlife is superb of course but there are so many other things to see and do there that it should be on everyone’s “must see” list.

[Photo Credit: Kraig Becker]

Inside Donald Trump’s 757

When you’re Donald Trump, you need to have a plane to match your larger-than-life personality. In this case, that plane is a 757. His new ride sits 43, has a 16-hour flying range and is powered by Rolls Royce engines. To give a bit of a comparison, a typical 757 seats 186 to 289 passengers and the seatbelts and other accessories are not 24k gold plated. (Shocker, we know.) Other notable features? A 57″ TV in the “media room”, a DVD storage system of 1,000 movies, Trump’s personal DVR, a private master suite for Trump and a guest suite with a full bed, bathroom and more.

According to BTJ Online, Trump selected the aircraft because he “always felt the [Boeing] 757 was the best looking of all the commercial planes.”

The plane is about twice the size of his 727 and, although he’s not disclosing price, rumor is the plane was bought for around $100 million from Microsoft’s Paul Allen.

You can help save an ancient Egyptian palace

The palace of Egypt’s most enigmatic pharaoh needs your help. Akhenaten ruled from c. 1351-1334 BC and is famous for his devotion to the god Aten, an aspect of the Sun. His worship became more and more exclusive over the years and while he wasn’t a monotheist in the strict sense of the word, he certainly alienated the priests of other temples. He also left the traditional capital and built his own by the Nile at Amarna.

Since 1997 the Amarna Project has been restoring this one-of-a-kind site for posterity. In the spring of 2011 they’re planning a major project to finish work on the Royal Suite, where Akhenaten himself lived. They’ve set up a webpage at JustGiving where you can contribute to the project. Conservation Architect Surésh Dhargalkar and his team will be doing the work, and the donations will go toward their pay and materials. You can read more about their work here.

Once Akhenaten died, the worship of the Aten fell out of favor and his city was abandoned to the sands. Thus Amarna makes a unique slice of time for archaeologists to study and an important place to preserve.

Special thanks to Andie over at the Egyptology blog for bringing this to my attention.

[Photo of Aten temple at Amarna courtesy user Markh via Wikimedia Commons]

Steven Slater reality show? JetBlue flight attendant

“He’s certainly a people person: he used to be a flight attendant.” These are the words used to describe the potential of Steven Slater as a reality show star. Obviously, the editor of OK! Magazine doesn’t realize why this clown is in the public eye. TMZ broke the story of Slater’s new job prospect, which would feature disgruntled employees “quit their jobs in extravagant ways.” We know he won’t be on “The Apprentice,” as Donald Trump, eager to ride on anybody’s 15 minutes, has already announced he isn’t interested bringing Slater to his show.

Slater is being helped with the pitch by U.S. reality TV show company Stone and Company Entertainment, which is apparently a big-time firm. So, Slater is seriously trying to move into the post-flight attendant big leagues.

According to TMZ, Slater has received the offer:

But reality TV is a fickle thing … if Slater’s story turns out to be a big hoax — which we’re thinkin’ is the case — the offer could disappear as fast as it came.

There’s one big question behind all this, of course: how reliable will he be? Would even reality TV folks actually hire this nut-job?

Daily Pampering: See ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ finale live from Trump’s hotel

If you’re into The Celebrity Apprentice and you have some extra cash, there’s only one way to watch the season finale this May: live, and with a stay at Donald Trump’s newest New York City hotel.

Trump SoHo, which opened its doors on April 9, is offering a highly exclusive, very expensive package for affluent The Celebrity Apprentice fans. The package for two includes a two night stay (May 22-23, 2010) in a deluxe one-bedroom suite with luxury transportation to and from the live taping of the finale, where the cast will meet with Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka to receive the final word of the Trumpster. Additionally, package guests will be provided with a three-course dinner for two with sommelier’s choice of bottle of wine in Quattro Gastronomia Italiana, VIP in-room amenities and a glimmering pair of the 18K rose gold emerald-cut rock crystal drop earrings with diamond accents worn by Ivanka on the second episode of the current season (by Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry).

The package is $5,750 and comes with a Trump SoHo Exclusive Shopping Card which will get you discounts and special privileges at local boutiques including Betsey Johnson, Bloomingdale’s, La Perla and Longchamp.

The Card is actually available for all guests staying before September 6, 2010, so click here to book and take advantage of the introductory rates (from $389).

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