Video: Traffic Intersects the Gibraltar Airport Runway

This video taken at the Gibraltar airport isn’t the most exciting to watch, but it does illustrate an interesting situation: a major road intersects the runway. I ran across this when we landed in Goa a few days before New Year’s Eve. Goa’s airport is tiny, and only has a three-plane capacity at the terminal. With late December being a prime time for visiting the wonderful Goan beaches, planes quickly landed where they’d sit on an adjacent strip of tarmac while waiting their turn to dock at the overflowing terminal. Our GoAir flight was no different, and as we waited, I’d watch cars, motorcycles, and even dogs cross the thin strip of runway in between the arrival and departures. Crazy!

Indian Airline Billboard Wars Continue… Maybe.

Remember when I posted about the billboard wars between Indian airlines Kingfisher and Jet Airways? Jet Airways had erected a billboard saying “We’ve changed” and Kingfisher responded with a billboard of their own directly above the Jet Airways message saying “We made you change.”

The story isn’t over — a third Indian airlines, GoAir, responded to both of them with a third billboard saying, “We’ve not changed. We’re still the smartest way to fly.”

This is getting a bit ridiculous. With roughly 18 airlines in India, the billboards might reach the moon by the time the battle is over. I do have a sneaking suspicion that the GoAir billboard is Photoshopped, though. If you look at the original article I wrote, the bottom billboard doesn’t have “ Creative Showcase” written on it like in the photo above. Someone’s been messing around.

What do you think? Can anyone verify that this third billboard actually exists? [via]

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