GADLING’S TAKE FIVE: Week of December 17

Gadling LogoIt has been a hectic day filled with holiday shuffle and travel and it has truly worn me out. I’m exhausted and with such a busy week I confess, even I missed out on some of these great plugs found here on Gadling. If your week was anything like mine be sure to check them out too.

5. Lots of Santas:
Ho, Ho, Ho… Considering the time of year and season it only makes perfect sense to feature this march of hundreds of thousands of Santas in Russia once more. I’m sure it was an awesome event for anyone visiting during the time.

4. Planespotting in Saint Martin:
Please give a warm round of sound to Justin Glow who makes his Gadling debut with this interesting post of how enjoyable it is to sit lazy with cocktails on St. Martin sand and well, watch the planes as they come fly very close to the ocean and far too close for my comfort zone.

3. The Austin Report Part 2: Bizarre Shopping:
Tis’ the season to be emptying your wallet and not look back. Looking for some gifts with character? Head to Austin with Neil as he points you to some neat shopping destinations around the Texas town.

2. Hanukkah in Honduras:

Spending the holidays abroad can be a blast, but depending on where you go it can also be a real hassle. Iva points us to a very nice read about an adventurous family spending Hanukkah in Honduras. I wouldn’t have put the two together, but I know little about menorah’s and what is done on each of the 8 days.

1. The Wandering Honeymooners:
Huggy, happy, honeymooners always bring a tear to my eye. I’m so envious right now. The Moran motto: “Get hitched. Hit the road.” I love it and love that Brendan and Sarah are sharing their beautiful matrimony on the road with all us single, lonely or simply travel deprived individuals.

Hanukkah in Honduras

Celebrating Christmas away from home, often in exotic destinations, has become quite usual for many families. Getting away for Hanukkah, which started on December 15 this year, is a bit more challenging. The holidays lasts 8 days and therefore requires more planning – being in a hotel room at specific times to light candles (or bringing them along to dinner) and schlepping more “stuff” along: at least a menorah, a set of candles and multiple sets of presents.

But, like a recent CNN/AP story reports, some adventurous families prefer to spend The Festival of Lights abroad, in this case in Honduras. According to the story, overcoming obstacles having to do with the celebration of Hanukkah in Latin America sounds like fun – setting off smoke detectors in hotel rooms, locals not understanding the candle ceremony, not being able to light a menorah because of the heavy tropical wind or not being able to rely on local electricity to work at specific times…

I am all for it! An 8-day holiday is a good excuse to take a vacation longer than an extended weekend. Americans don’t take enough time off.