Another Day, Another Blogger: Introducing Andrew Evans

Where was your photo taken? In northern Iceland, on a dusty desert road between Jókulsárgljufur National Park and Lake Myvatn.
Scariest airline flown? It’s hard to beat Aeroflot in the 90’s, though I know some American airlines that are working on it.
Most remote place visited? I spent a week on Rangali-an island the size of a Manhattan city block near the equator in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It’s so remote it has it’s own time zone.
Person you’d most like to interview for Gadling? Paris Hilton. She travels a lot, she’s named after my favorite city and probably knows a thing or two about life on the road.
Hotel, hostel, or other? Other. I always prefer the alternative: private villa, houseboat, train berth, tree house, hammock, or somebody’s fold-out couch.
The most unusual food you’ve ever eaten? Pickled whale blubber, in the Faroe Islands. For breakfast. It tasted like French-kissing fishy grease from a brisket pan.
Leeches or mosquitoes? Leeches. You bleed more but they’re easier to catch with chopsticks.
Worst place to catch a stomach bug? Incredible India. You can get generic diarrhea anywhere, but India keeps traveling with you weeks after your exit stamp. Show me your dust-covered souvenirs and I’ll show you my amoebas.
On your next trip, you are forced to schedule a 24-hour layover. You have $200 to spend. Where do you go and why? Dakar. I’ve always wanted to throw myself into the whirl of that city.
Favorite means of transportation? Hitchhiking!