The remote vote

Absentee ballots are all the rage. Are you a remote voter? It’s not hard to vote, even when you’re traveling, if you plan ahead. But sometimes things go awry.

I still vote in Minnesota. It’s done and dusted – well, done and notarized. I was nervous, though, that my ballot wouldn’t arrive in sufficient time for me to fill it out and get it back to the Secretary of State’s office by tomorrow! As the days of last week drained away and the ballot still hadn’t arrived, I confessed to my roommate that if I couldn’t vote because my ballot never got here, I was probably going to lie about it to all my friends because I would be so ashamed and certain it was somehow my fault. Even though I totally requested the absentee ballot at the beginning of October.

It came. I voted. I swear.

Cue panic for those of you who are away from home and don’t have a ballot! Well, there may still be hope for you. Read on.

First of all, Google “absentee ballot” and the state in which you are registered. The rules vary by state, but in some cases, you can even fax your ballot, and you have until tomorrow!

Here’s an absentee voting FAQ and the link for those of you who requested a ballot and didn’t get one in time.

Now vote. I don’t wanna hear your “but I was in the Alps!” nonsense.

[via: Wired]