Sienna Miller vs. Pittsburgh

Poor Sienna Miller is stuck in Pittsburgh while she works on upcoming film “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.” According to pop culture travel blog Jaunted, Miller told Rolling Stone she needed to get more glamorous films and apparently called the town “Shitsburgh.” Sigh, do these actors and actresses ever get enough? There are people living in Hobart, Oklahoma and Podunk, Alabama who I’m sure are dying to visit a sometimes happening spot like Pittsburgh. I’m sure after her hard acting work is done in Pittsburgh she’ll be on the first jumbo jet to some cozy English countryside or whatever tickles her fancy of course. I’m not saying Ms. Miller can’t have an opinion about where she is sent to work, but there are far worse places than Pittsburgh. She should be lucky the film isn’t called “The Mysteries of Compton.” She apologized for dumping on the Steel Town, most likely for ticket sales.

But Sienna’s drama doesn’t end there – Miller was also said to have been removed from Pittsburgh’s Youngs Tavern when she tried ordering alcohol before providing identification which she did not have on her. It is claimed that Miller ripped off her hat and said ” I am Sienna Miller. I am a famous actress!” Sienna denies throwing any type of temper tantrum.

Are the people of Pittsburg mad? Nope – they have other concerns.

CBS Pilot Alert – Drama at the CDC

Mmm… Where do I begin with this one – the facts or my own personal opinion? I’ll start with the facts as I stumbled upon over at EURweb. The celeb powerhouse couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, have had a few things up their sleeve since last July when Jada hinted at a new project she had been pitching to networks with her hubby Will Smith at the Television Critics Association Press Conference in Pasadena. In order to keep the project from being jinxed she declined to elaborate, but now the word is out and spreading like Mad Cow, Avian Flu and a bad batch of spinach. According to EUR: “It’s been confirmed that CBS has given a put pilot commitment to the project, which hails from CBS Paramount Network TV and Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment.” The untitled drama (Jada’s creation) will follow doctors at the Center for Disease Control, who fight viruses that threaten people globally.

Time for my two cents! Personally, I think it sounds fascinating and I can’t wait to see who they’ll cast for our virus fighting Docs, but it frightens me at the same time. I can just imagine episode #18 where a young couple comes back from a backpacking vacation in China and one falls ill with the world’s deadliest case of Avian Flu. Or episode #43 where a group of missionaries at an orphanage in Namibia contract Malaria after being given the wrong prescription back in the states… The scenarios are endless and while the CDC isn’t just about travel and disease, I tend only to scope it out when I’m heading somewhere far, foreign, and possibly flooded by disease. I’d hope none of the episodes sway anyone from traveling abroad, but let’s face it – people suck that stuff in. Someone out there isn’t going to want to go travel and explore ‘X’ destination because of ‘X’ disease related drama seen on primetime television. It happens. Television warps the mind, but I am very interested in seeing this when it debuts.

So with all that being said has something you ever seen on the tube (news or movies) ever kept you or changed your mind about traveling someplace? If so, give me the full details and just so it’s fair I’ll share a secret of my own. When I saw Boys Don’t Cry with Hilary Swank it made me never wish to go to Nebraska. Not that I’m a woman posing as a man, but it sort of gave me this negative idea that people aren’t nice there.

That’s my story what’s yours?