Daily Pampering: Golden needle acupuncture face lift in Paris

The Villa & Hotel Majestic & Spa‘s brand new MajClub Wellness Centre in Paris has developed a 100 percent natural face lifting procedure with the use of golden needles and acupuncture.

The MajClub Wellness Centre features a number of treatments developed by Céline Claret Coquet, creator of Clé des Champs, an organic line of products inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. You can find out more about her products here, but to get a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, visit the MajClub Wellness Centre and ask for the three-step program.

“With just three, painless, simultaneous actions, therapists can provide their guests with 100 percent natural rejuvenation. ‘The first step is an acupuncture session, to relax and harmonize the body’s energy,’ explains Coquet. ‘This is followed by a facial lifting created by acupuncture, which considerably improves the skin’s elasticity by stimulating the facial muscles and encouraging microcirculation. The third step involves a natural beauty prescription using Clé de Champs beauty treatments, optimizing the benefits of the acupuncture lift.'”

That’s right. Gold needles in your face. It may sound scary, but it’s a lot less invasive than, say, plastic surgery. I asked why the golden needles make a difference:

“Each session of acupuncture makes it possible to relax and to harmonise the body’s energy,” replied a representative for MajClub. She also called lifting with acupuncture “the must have treatment for wrinkles.”

“Lifting with acupuncture fights against the loss of elasticity in the face, the only place where the muscles are closely attached to the skin. Whatever the age or condition of the skin, wrinkles are mainly caused by a loss of firmness. Lifting with acupuncture considerably improves the skin’s elasticity with a stimulation of the facial muscles. Moreover, you can often notice that it has effects on the quality of the skin, due to the stimulation of the microcirculation. This is how fragile and irritable or spotty skins are considerably improved and how dry and oily skins are regulated.”

That makes sense to me. Regular treatments (every couple of months) are recommended for optimum results, but even one session can make a dramatic improvement in your skin’s appearance; as you probably know, circulation is tantamount to magic.

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