A Guy Named Matt and Outdoor Adventure

When I was looking for links to Cornstalk Institute for my post,Festival of the Great Unknowns, I came across mattaxling.com. This is a curious place. I think it must be Matt who is featured on the homepage, but don’t know if his last name is axling. Matt is spelled with a double t though. You can see it written on a hard hat in rock climbing picture on the page titled “Work.” Matt does get around. In his play photos you can see him in Argentina, Norway, New Mexico, New York City and Washington State. Wherever he is, he looks like he is having fun. I am curious about what it is that he does since there isn’t a profile about him.

Typing this made me think of Matt Lauer and the Today Show’s”Where in the World is Matt Lauer” segments. Here is a profile of Matt Lauer. I wonder which Matt has a better time? I’d say it’s a toss-up.

Matt of the Web site is an outdoor adventure kind of guy and his work section features many kid’s dreams of what a perfect vacation would look like. For all you Gadling parents who happen to have kids with an adventurous heart, or all you Gadling readers who are enjoying your own adventurous heart, this section is filled with spots where you can get back to nature and get your adrenaline pumping. I assume Matt must be the guy who teaches kids to take risks. I’d love to send my kids his way. Here are the three links Matt lists in addition to the Cornstalk Institute that have outdoor adventure trips and experiences for kids.