The great pumpkin race and fake, but looks real, whitewater rafting

A while ago I wrote a post about indoor skiing in China. People, you see, can build about anything. If you’re interested in some thrills thanks to ingenuity here’s another option. In McHenry, Maryland you can go white water rafting on a river that’s not really a river, but it sure looks and acts like one. The Adventure Sports Center International (asci) has a 1700 foot long white water rafting course where water is released at certain heights and speeds to simulate rapids. The course can be adjusted to match rafters’ skills. Kayaking is also offered.

This coming weekend there are two events for those with a creative bent. One, The Great Pumpkin Race involves carving a pumpkin and sending it down the rapids. The other, The Hooligan Race, is where people sail various crafts they’ve made. The crafts can’t be boats, and from the requirement that participants wear a life jacket and helmet, I assume the crafts must be able to carry a passenger.