Awesome X: Sense Of Life (Video)

Some of the best things we run across just don’t need a whole lot of words.

This stunning video compilation is one of those.

Awesome X: Sense Of Life is a compilation of over 30 adventure videos from Germany’s EdisProduction. The stunning effort is a whirlwind of visuals and locales. The production company offers this caption to accompany the video: “Sense of Life – my fresh 5-minutes compilation capturing awesome and stunning videos introduced with a wonderful Song: Band of Horses – The Funeral.”

[Compilation Credit – EdisProduction]

Adi Geisegger:
Martin Baebler:
Field Productions:
Life Cycles:
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Heart&Soul Daniel Sandoval:

Video: Climbing In Thailand

Unbeknownst to me prior to today, Eddie Bauer has a Vimeo channel complete with impressive adventure videos – including climbing shots. I happened upon the above video, which features climbers scaling walls in Thailand. The rock is jagged, steep and bolts out of the ocean. Oceanside climbing seems to be a bonus for these climbers, though. Part of this video shows the climbers falling, intentionally or unintentionally, into the teal waters beneath their climbing spots. I’m a little bit ashamed to say that I haven’t tried rock climbing yet. There are many purportedly excellent climbing locations in and around Austin. After watching this video, I think I’ll have to try it out. Next stop: Thailand!

Transmongolia – Part One: USA to RPGs in 24 hours

“Traveling is for sissies, come and get stuck in a desert.” The moment I first read those words, I knew that the Mongol Rally was something that I needed to experience in my lifetime.

Imagine: a 10,000 mile adventure across some of the world’s most rugged terrain, in some of the most unsuitable vehicles imaginable; no GPS devices, no support crew, and no single set route from the starting line in Goodwood, England to the finish line in Mongolia’s capital city of Ulaanbaatar. In the words of the Adventurists (the group responsible for the rally), the Rally is simply: “10,000 miles of adventuring bliss through deserts, mountains, and steppe”.

So, when I got the opportunity to fly to Mongolia and join one of the 300 teams competing in the 2011 Mongol Rally, there wasn’t a moment’s hesitation. I needed to know what it was like to race across the steppe, fix major breakdowns with only duct tape, and meet the type of people that were capable of completing something so amazingly bizarre.

Transmongolia is an exclusive five part video series that documents my journey from the fringe of the Russia/Mongolia border to the finish line in Ulaanbaatar.

See what it’s like to get hopelessly lost in the Gobi desert, break down hundreds of miles from any sign of help, and discover the sheer beauty of the vast Mongolian countryside from the rear window of a dusty ambulance…

Transmongolia – Part One: USA to RPGs in 24 hours

For more information about the Mongol Rally, including how to sign up for the 2012 rally, visit the Adventurist’s website.

Transportation was made possible by the scholars & gentlemen at the Adventurists. No editorial content or opinions were guaranteed, and nor was anyone’s safety or hygiene.

Video of the Day – On Assignment in Yosemite

We’ve all done it. Nestled up on a nice warm couch, leafing (or scrolling) through a National Geographic magazine, you suddenly notice a beautiful photograph and wonder “how did they get that shot?”. Then, without pause for a second thought, you turn the page and continue browsing – for the most part taking all of the hard work that went into producing those images for granted.

If you’ve ever wanted to see just what goes into getting some of the incredible shots that make it into magazines like National Geographic, today’s Video of the Day gives a thrilling inside look at one photographer’s assignment in Yosemite. Produced by Renan Ozturk, this 6-minute piece follows climber, skier, and photographer Jimmy Chin as he captures some of the most innovative climbing happening in Yosemite today.

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Video of the Day – 3 days of adventure in Rio

Wherever you’re planning on traveling this summer, consider picking up and taking along a GoPro; it’s a small waterproof digital camera that takes great HD video, still photos, & timelapses – perfect for capturing playful moments on land, in the water, and everywhere in between.

Today’s Video of the Day is a fun look at one couple’s 3-day vacation to Rio de Janeiro. It was shot completely on a GoPro and uses a creative mix of still image sequences and video clips. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the creator shoots video for a living – but hopefully it will give you some inspiration to embark on and capture your own adventure this summer.

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