Google spreads holiday cheer with complimentary Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi

Once again, Google is giving away some really nice holiday presents this season. Last year, the search giant provided free Wi-Fi at airports around the nation, and this year they are bringing their generosity to the skies by offering complimentary Wi-Fi on flight aboard AirTran, Delta and Virgin America flights. These three airlines have outfitted their entire fleet with Wi-Fi, powered by Gogo Inflight.

The promotion starts On November 20, and lasts till January 2 – which means flying during the holiday season won’t be that bad this year. Google is using the promotion to create some buzz for their Chrome Browser. If you haven’t tried Chrome, I can highly recommend taking it for a spin.

You can connect to Gogo Inflight using your Wi-Fi enabled laptop, PDA, smartphone or tablet – and you’ll enjoy broadband speeds as soon as the captain says you can safely use your device.

If you are flying one of the Gogo Inflight enabled airlines not included in the promotion, you can still get online – and prices start at just $4.95 for flights under and hour and a half. For the entire overview of pricing options, head on over to Gogo Inflight.

For more on the promotion, head on over to

Gogo Inflight Internet now available on 1,000 aircraft

Today, Gogo Inflight Internet celebrates its 1,000th plane with the airborne Internet service. This is an amazing accomplishment when you consider that two years ago, they were working on installing equipment on their first aircraft.

The plane in question is a Delta DC-9, and Gogo ambassadors will be greeting the passengers and treating them to free Internet access on their flight.

Gogo is now available on one third of the domestic U.S. fleet, covering 3,800 planes on almost every major airline in the nation. Access starts at just $4.95 for short flights, up to $12.95 for flights over three hours.

Free Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi on Alaska Airlines this summer

Alaska Airlines is celebrating the rollout of Gogo Inflight Internet on their fleet with a summer of free access.

Gogo Inflight Internet is available on six of their Boeing 737-800 planes and the current plan is to have the entire fleet outfitted by the end of the year.

You’ll know that you are on a Wi-Fi enabled plane thanks to a Wi-Fi decal next to the boarding door. Once the plane reaches 10,000 feet, you’ll be able to turn on your portable device and search for the “gogoinflight” Wi-Fi network.

Through July 31st, access will be free of charge, compliments of the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card – saving you up to $12.95 per flight. You’ll need promotional code “ALASKAVISA” to bring the price down to $0.

Once the free period ends, access prices will vary between $4.95 and $12.95 depending on the length of the flight and the kind of device you are using.

At the moment, the Gogo Inflight service is only available when the plane is flying over the contiguous U.S. – coverage in parts of Alaska is scheduled to be available in early 2011. A map of the coverage area is available on the Alaska Airlines Wi-Fi information page.

Road warrior promotion: $5 off Gogo inflight monthly pass

What better place to write about a new promotion on the Gogo inflight service than on board an American Airlines MD80 heading to Austin!

If you regularly use Internet inflight, you may have already seen the new monthly all you can eat promotion being offered – but to make that deal even sweeter, if you subscribe between now and May 6th, and apply promotion code get5off, you’ll get five bucks off the $34.95 monthly fee, bringing the price for a month of access under thirty bucks.

Think of all the work you could get done by working during your flight – leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the 14 channels of local news coverage when you get to your hotel.

Gogo Inflight Internet introduces all-you-can-eat monthly pass

Fans (and heavy users) of Gogo Inflight Internet will be happy to learn that the company behind the airborne Internet provider now offers a monthly subscription to their service.

The new Gogo Inflight Internet monthly subscription can be purchased through the web portal on flights operated by AirTran, American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Virgin America – but the pass itself will work on all airlines equipped with the Gogo service. The new subscription product costs $34.95 for 30 days – and auto renews (unless canceled).

If you use Gogo more than three times a month on flights longer than three hours, this new plan is for you –

Gogo Inflight Internet is now available on over 800 aircraft across 6 airlines. Later this year, Alaska Airlines and Continental Airlines will join the lineup