Take the Gadling challenge – army meal or airline meal?


Here is a fun challenge for you – I’m sure that anyone who has been served an airline meal has come across a dish that looked like it came right out of a blender.

The kind of meal that takes 5 minutes just to determine what exactly it is.

In this quiz, you get to pick whether the “delicious dish” is an army meal or an airline meal.

Army meals are often referred to as “MRE’s”, which stands for “Meal Ready to Eat”. The meals are usually freeze dried or preserved in a can, and can be heated using a portable stove, or more recently with a self-heating mechanism.

Airline meals are prepared in massive kitchens by people who probably bring their own food when they fly, because no matter how delicious it sounds on paper, the final product never really tastes (or looks) right at 35,000 feet.

I’ve had a couple of happy exceptions, mainly on Asian airlines who really know how to prepare a dish to taste like it was intended, no matter where you are.

So, do you think you can tell what was prepared for the army or what was prepared for airline passengers?

Done (or too lazy to finish the quiz)?

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