Dance to soothe turbulence fears – Airplane tip

One problem many fliers share is a fear of turbulence. If you fly, you’re bound to experience it at some point — but airplane turbulence doesn’t have to be scary! Bring an MP3 player aboard and, the moment the air gets bumpy, turn it to your favorite track and get groovy!

You’ll likely get some looks from the other passengers, but hey — you get to have fun and forget the fear.

When you dance in place — or “chair dance” — the dips and jolts all seem like part of the experience, and they become less noticeable. It’s tried and true advice. Don’t be skeptical; try it on your next flight!

How To Prevent Airline Seats From Reclining

Gadling has covered everything from travelers’ preferred airline seat positions to middle seat etiquette. But now we’ve discovered a traveler who has taken matters into his own hands and gone guerilla on people reclining their airline seats.

(Note: Gadling does not promote or condone any behavior that violates airline policies and procedures. We are, however, amused by this.)

Artist/Blogger Evan Roth really hates when people recline their seats on airplanes. So, with the help of a zip-tie and some good old fashioned ingenuity, he rigged the seat in front of him to remain upright. Rude? Sure. Vandalism? Maybe. Hilarious? Abso-f’n-lutely.

The plan is beautiful in its simplicity and it’s not like he endangered his fellow travelers or put the flight in peril. I’d be pissed if he did it to my seat but I can sleep just about anywhere, including upright plane seats, so I probably wouldn’t even notice. Besides, there are other ways to sleep on planes.

Kudos to you, Evan. And I hope the rest of you don’t get any ideas.