British Airways 747 with broken wing tip flies on

I don’t know how comfortable I would feel looking out my window and seeing the wingtip torn off of my airplane, but British Airways seemed to think that nobody would mind. Apparently, while the B747 was waiting on the tarmac in London a couple of weeks ago, a Sri Lankan Airlines A340 snuck up from behind and sliced off the tip as it was passing. After the BA flight was canceled and the flight postponed to the next day, rebooked travelers were surprised to discover that they were getting on the exact same plane. The British Daily Mail reports that a half dozen passengers subsequently threw a fit and refused to fly.

From a functional standpoint, I suppose the wing tips aren’t really necessary to keep the plane in the sky; as the airline pointed out, they’re purely for aerodynamic reasons to reduce drag. But the visceral feeling of dread when you see your wing torn off can easily overcome logic. While I personally would not have gotten off the plane, I would definitely be on the edge of my seat for the entire flight.