Crocodile walks down airplane aisle, creating an uproar

What would you do if you saw an crocodile walking down an airplane aisle? Perhaps you’d rub your eyes, shake your head to clear any cobwebs, clean your glasses– if you wore them and ask, “Is that a crocodile?”

Wouldn’t a crocodile be about the last thing you’d expect to see walking down an airplane aisle? Particularly if it were pushing the drink cart? Just kidding about the drink cart, but there was a crocodile.

The crocodile created an uproar on an EgyptAir flight last Friday when it was seen peppering its trip down the aisle with forays underneath the seats. The flight, on its way to Cairo from Abu Dhabi, was not the most relaxing ride for the thirty passengers who did what they could to avoid the reptilian stowaway.

I say stowaway because no one claimed responsibility for the crocodile’s presence on board. Maybe the crocodile was looking for a free ride to the Giza Zoo. That’s where it ended up once the crew caught it and the plane landed.

The crocodile couldn’t really push a drink cart, by the way, even if it stood on its hind legs. At 30 centimeters, it wasn’t big enough.

Whoever was responsible for that crocodile is probably wondering how the heck to get it out of that zoo. [] Photo by Sias van Schalkwyk.

Thanks to Gadling reader Liezelfr for passing along this crazy story gem.