Are Airport Terminals Actually Becoming Somewhat Enjoyable?!?!?

As the amount of time spent by passengers waiting in airports increases–up to 108 minutes on average–airports are starting to do something about it. No, they aren’t working harder to decrease the wait time, but they are trying to make it more tolerable. In fact, some are actually making it enjoyable.

Making money off of bored, restless passengers was once the sole domain of duty frees and expensive eateries. But now, an increasing number of attractive alternatives are popping up in airports across the globe. In fact, some retailers and concessionaires are fighting over each other for what is increasingly becoming prime real estate according to journalist Peter Pae’s LA Times piece, Flight delayed again — that feels good.

Plan things right, and your three hour layover could include wine tasting, pedicures, massages, haircuts, manicures, surfing the web, renting DVD players and a movie, and even sleeping in mini pod hotels. Or, of course, you can just wander through duty free shopping for things you don’t really need.