Bus accident at airport sends passengers to hospital in a travel snafu

If you’ve flown enough, you’ve probably been on one of those buses that transport you between airport terminals.

When riding in such a vehicle, who really thinks about anything but making a connection? After reading this article about an accident at the Sydney Airport in Australia this morning, I’d say, here’s another reason to hope there’s enough time for terminal transfers in order to catch a flight.

This morning, a bus was bringing passengers from the international to a domestic terminal when the driver had to swerve quickly and slam on the brakes to avoid hitting another vehicle. I can imagine the body slams. Several people flew out of their seats. As a result, seven people were hurt, although nothing so serious that they couldn’t walk off the bus.

Still, I imagine there was quite a ruckus as paramedics in seven emergency vehicles arrived at the scene of the accident to check folks out. Several passengers were taken to the hospital for a careful, just in case, look over. Can’t you just hear the protests? “No, no, no, I’m fine, really. I have a flight to catch. I’ll miss my connection.”

That’s one way to experience a flight delay. Hopefully, folks found themselves winging their way to their destinations soon after, and had a kiss and make up ticket voucher in hand. With luck, there wasn’t another bus transport involved in the rest of their journey.

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