3Floz Inks Deal To Sell TSA-Approved Toiletries In Airport Kiosks

Thanks to a new kiosk distribution system, online company 3Floz is bringing their line of designer toiletries in TSA-approved sizes to an airport near you. Appearing in 25 major airports starting in the third quarter of this year, travelers will now be able to get their fix of more than 50 different grooming, beauty and personal care items in sizes that meet the TSA carry-on requirement.

While the product selection for the airport vending machines has not yet been finalized, it will be a mix of core, must-have, often forgotten items such as sunscreen, hairspray and toothpaste, and novelty products like 3Floz’s popular curated travel kits and other giftable items.

Similar to in-mall kiosks for items like Proactiv, a popular skincare brand, this new vending system will allow travelers to purchase items quickly and on-the-go with a credit card or cash.

This is an exciting development for the beauty-conscious traveler, and one we predict will be successful. What do you think? Would you use the kiosks, or just pack your own goods pre departure?

[Image Credit: 3Floz.com]