T@B: the Travel Trailer for Roaming Urbanites

We’ve been noticing a wave of modern campers that are making their presence known in the world of glamping this year. Along with the Deseo, and Desgin Within Reach’s collaboration with Airstream, newcomer (to us, anyway) T@B is offering a “smart, stylish, independent” travel trailer for roaming urbanites with an itch to hit the road in style.

What’s unique about the T@B is its low weight and small footprint, which makes towing a cinch. According to their FAQ, “Most light trucks and SUVs can easily handle the T@B. In addition, many mini vans and passenger cars can also pull them.” Combine that with multiple floor plans, color schemes, and extras to choose from, and you’ve got yourself a highly customizable trailer that appeals to the pickiest of travelers.

Can you say Camping 2.0?