The Winnebago: A Slideshow Tribute

Just last week, we reported (via Thrillist) on Tonke Campers, the coolest custom RV’s ever to hit the road. Well, Thrillist has done it again, this time providing veteran road warriors with a slideshow retrospective dedicated to that most classic of caravans: the Winnebago.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I long to live in a retro camper (just as long as it takes me to cover several continents; I’m not trying to become Jack Nicholson in “About Schmidt”). Clearly, I’m not alone, given the ever-increasing number of Airstream hotels and motels, vintage RV parks and rallies (an acquaintance of mine just returned from the 6th annual Trail Along to Pismo Vintage Trailer Camp), and trailer-courts-turned-food pods or flea markets (check out the one in the industrial Georgetown ‘hood in Seattle).

Whether your idea of a sweet ride is a janky gypsy wagon or a sleek Roadtrek camper van, we don’t see RVing going out of style anytime soon. Cheers to that.

Sunset Magazine’s ‘Westphoria’ Blog Celebrates The Weirdness Of The Western States

It’s no secret that the 13 states comprising the Western U.S. are a bit unusual. Enter Westphoria, Sunset magazine’s 4-month-old blog dedicated to celebrating all that’s quirky, kick-ass, and distinct about the Left Coast, Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions. Think retrofitted teardrop campers, chicken “sitters,” bike-powered farmers market smoothies, and, uh, hotel rooms designed to resemble giant bird nests.

For those of you living on the other side of the Continental Divide, Sunset is the nation’s top Western lifestyle magazine, focused on travel, gardening, design, green living, food and the outdoors. Understandably, we’re big fans here at Gadling.

Westphoria is sort of like Sunset’s black sheep little sibling: edgy, on-trend, a smarty-pants with a sweet soul. Categories include themes like “House Crush,” “Made in the West,” “Dream Life,” “Food” and “Wanderlust.” I’m hooked.

[Photo credit: Flickr user Green Garden Girl]

Airstream trailers restored on an old airforce base

Perhaps you’ve heard that actor Matthew McConaughey has a thing for Airstream trailers. Here’s a video of McConaughey leaving his where it is parked near a beach. He’s not the only one with a thing for Airstreams.

At Jalopnk, a Web site devoted to cars, there’s a feature on Colin Hyde a man in Plattsburgh, New York who has made it his mission to restore and refurbish Airstreams to mint condition.

Hyde has set up shop at an old air force base that used to house B-52 Bombers, and KC-35 Tanker Aircrafts. At his company GMS Vehicles, Hyde, along with others, work on Airstreams that date back to the 1950s. When they have completed their artistry action, a trailer can look better than it did the first time it left the factory.

Trailers can be custom-designed. For any of you looking to hit the open road in a vintage vehicle, here’s a place to look. There is a link on GMS Vehicles’ Web site where you can e-mail your vintage restoration questions. There are also several pictures to give you an idea of what a restoration project entails.