Long-haul air travelers gain comfort from new product

During long periods of time in the sky, air travelers of all ages can experience an increased accumulation of liquid in the legs. Slowing of blood circulation creates a feeling of discomfort, heaviness and swelling, often referred to as Economy Class Syndrome. Travel compression socks offer some relief but a new alternative product looks to be even better.

Fresh Legs Compression Socks and Leg Sleeves, offered by a Miami travel compression apparel company, is a new product with the same benefits of traditional travel compression socks, but footless, allowing them to work with open toe shoes and sandals.

The new product makes use of graduated compression putting the greatest amount of compression in the bottom part of the garment and the least amount of compression in the top portion. The result improves circulation and enhances blood flow, making travel more comfortable.

Different than what might be described as “old lady” socks, these US-made Fresh Legs products are available in over 15 colors including purple, neon pink, yellow, green and two tie-dyed options.

Flickr photo by Hyougushi