Aisle seat is healthier alternative

If you’re worried about blood clots, sit on the aisle. A recent study from Lahey Clinic Medical Center confirmed that getting bumped by the beverage cart can help keep deep-vein thrombosis away. The research team found that 75 percent of these cases occurred among non-aisle passengers, because they were not moving enough. Flights lasting between four and eight hours were worst.

It’s not just a matter of leg room. Window seats in business class led to the same results. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep yourself healthy. Put on compression stockings, and you’ll reduce the blood clot risk. If this is too cumbersome for you, try drinking plenty of water … and avoiding alcohol and caffeine (well, that might actually be harder).

Before you loosen your seatbelt and move freely throughout the cabin, just make sure the “fasten seatbelt” light is off and that you’re not blocking the meal service. Hungry, thirsty passengers can put your health at risk, too.


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