Caught on tape: Basketball shot made from a theme park ride

Do you remember those Hampton Inn Hilton Honors Points commercials from a couple of years back with the amazing basketball shots? Teen boys banked shots off roofs and stairways or used a tennis racket to shoot them into the goal. The ads were all followed by the tagline “Want an easier way to score points?”

It turns out those were real teens, shooting real videos at their homes in Alabama, and uploading them to YouTube, where they were discovered for the ads.

And now the boys, who call their YouTube channel The Legendary Shots, have turned their attention to theme parks. Their latest video shows one of the them making a shot from the Stratos-Fear ride at Alabama Adventure theme park in Bessemer.

In the video information on YouTube, The Legendary Shots crew thanks Alabama Adventure staff for making the Stratos-Fear video, and a second ferris wheel video, possible.

Can a basketball/theme park commercial be far behind?

Alabama Adventure theme park offers Father’s Day deal: $50 per carload

It’s one week until Father’s Day. Have you made plans with your dad?

The folks at Alabama Adventure near Birmingham suggest a day at the theme park. After all, what says, “I love you, Dad” more than screaming in his ear during a ride on the Rampage wooden roller coaster or digging your fingernails in his arm while being catapulted 185 feet in the air on the Space Shot?

Next Sunday, June 20, Alabama Adventure is offering a great deal for dad’s day: $50 admission for a carload. Now, they’re limiting that “carload” to six people, so don’t even think about sneaking the neighbor kids in in your trunk.

Still, that works out to $8.33 per person — less than a trip to the movies and way less than the general admission price of $29.99.

Alabama Adventure will be open from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Father’s Day.