Alaska Town Has Cat For A Mayor

The sleepy little town of Talkeetna, Alaska (Population: 875), has made headlines around the globe in recent days when it was revealed that the community’s mayor is actually a cat named Stubbs. Local residents aren’t sure what all the fuss is about, however, as Stubbs has held that office for over 15 years.

Apparently, back in 1997 the locals weren’t exactly pleased with their choices in mayoral candidates, so several of them organized a write in campaign to elect Stubbs, who was just a newborn kitten at the time. They managed to convince enough of the other residents to back their feline candidate and when the votes were eventually counted, Stubbs was named the winner.

Since that time, the cat, who is part manx, has held the office of Honorary Mayor and has become quite the local celebrity. Visitors to Talkeetna often drop by Stubbs’ favorite hangout, Nagley’s General Store, just to catch a glimpse of the kitty that became king. The store reportedly gets several dozen visitors per day who simply stop in just to meet the mayor.

As a cat owner, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised by this story. My cat already thinks he’s in charge around my place and I’m convinced he believes he could rule the world given half a chance. Running a small town in Alaska probably isn’t much of a stretch at all.

[Photo credit: AP/Sandy Bubar]